Announcing VOZ

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new app VOZ. VOZ is a voice chat app that is truly cross-platform – it supports iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Android Wear and Samsung Gear. For the first time you can send and receive voice messages directly from your smart watch to anyone.

We developed VOZ because we believe in three trends that are coming together.

First, messaging, in particular voice messaging. It’s surprising that a decade after smart phones have been around there still isn’t a widely adopted, cross-platform app dedicated to asynchronous voice communications. We hope VOZ will fill that need.

Second, the rise of wearables. With the arrival of the Apple Watch this year, wearables will dominate a lot of headlines. Text messaging is impractical for wearable computing and we hope voice messaging will be the ‘killer-app’ for wearables. VOZ is the first app that allows direct watch-to-watch and watch-to-phone messaging across platforms.


Third, privacy. WikiLeaks and the Sony hack last year have made the average person aware of privacy and security. But the average user is not concerned about being hacked by the NSA. Rather, they don’t want private chats and emails to come back and embarrass them. VOZ has been designed with that in mind. Messages are deleted from the server after they are listened to. The simple user interface is also designed to make the messages feel ephemeral. There is no chat log or message history feature (other than replaying the last message).


We hope you will find the app useful! Please tell us what you think.